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  • 3rd Party Lab-Tested CBD
  • Convenient glass dropper bottle
  • Hemp extract with full-spectrum cannabinoids
  • Safe and clean hemp oil using CO2 extraction
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • No additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings or color


Exhale d8 tinctures


Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp plants that packs a big punch full of benefits to the mind and body. Because Delta 8 is just a small portion of the near hundred or so cannabinoids in the hemp plant, it makes sourcing it rather tricky! A thorough CO2 extraction process is necessary to extract the Delta 8, making it more prevalent than the near hundred or so other cannabinoids. Lucky for you, a CO2 extraction method is the safest way to extract Delta 8.

Delta 8 THC tinctures come infused with Delta 8. Because Delta 8 is found in such small trace amounts in the hemp plant (less than 1%), these products are then infused with the compound. Tinctures usually contain a carrier oil and are enjoyed sublingually by dropping a few drops under the tongue.

Delta 8 oils allow you a discreet consumption method. While the most efficient way to consume all the benefits of your tincture is to add a few drops underneath your tongue, you can still enjoy the benefits of your morning tea or coffee!

With the ever-growing implementation for Delta 8, it’s no surprise you can turn this oil into a tincture! Enjoying CBD nowadays is so convenient — get all the benefits of this compound packed into a tiny little bottle of oil you can sprinkle in your favorite foods.

You may be wondering: “How does this oil differ from other ways of consuming Delta 8?” Besides the obvious differences in the mode of consumption, oils give you a quick and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8. Between Delta 8 flowers, vapes, edibles, and oils, you have many options! And more options give you more freedom to choose a product right for you. Keep scrolling to learn more about the ease and benefits of Delta 8 oils.

lab tested 100% natural cruelty free
EXhale Wellness D8 Tincture


So what are the actual benefits of a tincture? Besides the fact that it’s so discreet, of course! Though this product comes in a small amount, it is mighty. Delta 8 oil get you feeling relaxed and uplifted while still feeling in control of your surroundings.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from a tincture:


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